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Our programs are based on the philosophy of providing home health care services that promote the client's value of life by:
  • Preventing or remedying incidences of abuse, neglect or exploitation of children and adults by providing support and monitoring
  • Maximizing client level of independence by fostering self support, self sufficiency, self care, and self direction
  • Restoring, maintaining and promoting client health
  • Providing Services for clients who are on waiting lists for care outside of the home, in an attempt to prevent deterioration in their condition
Our comprehensive home care procedures take into account that the agency has responsibility and authority for organizing, implementing, and evaluating a plan of care to meet the medical nursing and social needs of the client.
Our goals
  1. Provide services which enhance the client's ability to function effectively in his/her home
  2. Augment the services already being provided for the client and to guard against any deterioration or decline in the client's present levels of functioning
  3. The potential for an individual having to receive care in an institutional setting will be greatly reduced or negated entirely as we seek to achieve an even higher level of self-sufficiency
  4. Our services will also benefit persons in the home other than the identified client, in that their well-being is directly affected by the well-being of the client
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