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I have been using their services for almost a year to help me care for my mother, Mrs. Minnie A. Kirby. It was a stressful process when she relocated to Greenville due to an illness. Like most adult children, I had high standards for the care of my mother, as she is very special to all of us. As the primary caregiver, it was important to work with an organization that was compassionate, collaborative, and reliable. Caregivers On Demand has exceeded my expectations.

Mrs. Boyd and her competent staff are the epitome of professionalism. They are respectful, compassionate, and run a tight ship when it comes to aide selections, follow-up and flexibility when the unexpected comes up. I trust their decision-making and often confer with them to help me with problem-solving situations involving my mother's schedule and her overall well-being. Most importantly, the joy and peace my mother gets from working with them is priceless.

I'm impressed with their holistic approach to care giving. It's made a difference in my life, as I juggle running a business and providing elder care for my mother. Having research and experienced other services, I believe they are a best practice for care giving. It is my pleasure to highly recommend them.

Tan Kirby Davis

Greenville, SC

In 2007, I woke up in a Texas hospital, wherein my life would never be the same. I discovered that I had been in an auto accident and would spend the rest of my life as a Quadriplegic, fully dependent on the care of others to survive. My reaction was not unlike those experienced by others: I felt helpless, scared, and angry that all the time and money invested during my previous 32 years of life couldn't lift a toe to walk, nor finger to move food to mouth, nor pencil to paper.

However, home health-care services and providers - like those I've found at Caregivers On Demand (Access Healthcare Services) - have dramatically improved the quality of life, and comes with a healthy dose of reassurance that life rolls on, and I can still make something positive with the time I've still left. Caretakers help me to get cleaned, showered and shaved, dressed, fed, and into my wheelchair where they attach a table and computer so that I may type these words that you're reading.

I personally recommend going with a smaller, more personal agency - like Caregivers On Demand - to find and provide the care that you or your loved one may require. You will not get discarded behind numerous clients of a bigger company, owned and managed by disinterested, corporate interests. With Caregivers On Demand you will be able to call, have someone speak with you in a timely manner, and do whatever needs to be done to provide the services that you need to give you quality peace with the time allotted to you.

Drew Bates

Columbia, SC

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I have worked with the Richland/Lexington Disabilities and Special Needs board for 28 years and have dealt with this staff for attendant care services for our consumers for many years. In July 2009, we began a Back Up Attendant Care Program for consumers with physical disabilities. If the consumer's attendant didn't show for their scheduled time or they had an emergency outside of their scheduled hours that needed care, this service would provide emergency attendant care to them. This staff would provide quality care to each consumer in a very timely manner each time they were called to help. They provided care to a large amount of our consumers on a regular basis also and were always quick to staff and begin services to ensure the consumer received the care they needed in a timely manner. They have always had a professional staff that was easy to deal with and always available to provide care when needed.

Deborah Mann

Back Up Emergency Attendant Care Coordinator | Richland/Lexington Disabilities and Special Needs Board

As a Hospice administrator, I have had the pleasure of working with the organization's administrative and field staff members on several occasions. They understand the needs of aging seniors and have the staff to support the variety of needs that may arise for the elderly who desire to remain at home as long as possible.

In addition to providing home support needs with their trained home care aides, they are also able to identify community resources for unmet needs such as home repairs, assistance with utility bills, fire alarms, etc. Their experienced nursing staff is quick to identify other healthcare needs that may be necessary to help their seniors function to their maximum capacity and remain at home. When these needs are identified, they do not hesitate to make the appropriate referrals. An agency such as Access Healthcare Services will work consistently to enhance the quality of life for the seniors they serve!

Marisette Hasa, RN, BSN

Hospice Administrator | South Carolina Hospice & Palliative Care

Our experience and partnership with Access/Caregivers has been awesome. your field staff has been punctual, professional and most caring. Your office staff has made it easy for us to do business with your company. They are always courteous, and very helpful in making sure our calls are routed to the right person.

We trust Access/Caregivers, because they are passionate about providing excellent care to seniors in their homes, in the hospital, in nursing homes, and in whatever setting the client considers their place of residents.

I highly recommend this company as a strong partner to any organization that believes in providing impeccable service.

Ruby Thompson

Lead Coordinator | Kershaw County DSNB

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